I specialize in copyediting fiction for adult and young readers.

In the past six years I have been hired as the copyeditor or a proofreader on more than 500 books for clients that include Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster. Among the books I’ve worked on are a National Book Award finalist, a Hugo Award winner, two Top 10 Books of the Year, and several instant #1 New York Times bestsellers.

Line Editing

Two read-throughs of your manuscript to address the creative content at the sentence and paragraph level. Edits at this stage focus on flow, pacing, tension, tone, effective language, character development, and narrative arc.


Two read-throughs of your manuscript with a focus on standardizing spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style, as well as checking consistencies in timeline, character traits, and scene blocking.


Two read-throughs of your typeset pages. Proofreading either the first or second pass of your book involves flagging any lingering editorial errors, typographical errors, alignment errors, tight or loose lines, and inconsistent design elements.


A quality control check of your EPUB file to ensure that your e-book is error-free and matches your print edition. Much like a proofread, this can involve a word-for-word comparison.

Tricia Callahan did a flawless and extremely professional job copyediting an 80K word manuscript for me. She created a beautiful style sheet and in our work process was flexible, punctual and kind—a total pleasure to work with! I cannot recommend her highly enough and very much look forward to working with her again.

Elizabeth Doyle Carey

I screened editors for a book manuscript, selected Tricia, and was thrilled with the results. She easily earned five-stars across the board. In fact, Tricia went the extra mile, far exceeding what was expected in terms of quantity and quality of edits. As an indie author on a tight budget, I was concerned about cost. She proved to be worth every penny (and then some). Highly recommend her.

Jeff Langholz