Production Editor

Management of book production from manuscript to final files. This entails hiring freelance copyeditors and proofreaders; copyediting and proofreading covers and marketing material; and coordinating with editorial and design departments to meet deadlines and maintain editorial standards. To this role I bring my years of experience as an in-house production editor and copyeditor at Penguin Random House, as a freelance production editor for Granity Studios and Adaptive Studios, as the managing editor of Slice, and as the copy chief of Howler. I’m open to work-for-hire contracts, part-time roles, and full-time positions.


Two read-throughs of your manuscript with a focus on standardizing spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style. At this stage, I also read for sense and consistency in timeline, character traits, and scene blocking. Nothing goes unchecked. While I’ve copyedited nonfiction in the past, I specialize in copyediting novels for both young and adult readers and Americanizing novels written by UK authors. In addition, I am available to copyedit cover copy, promotional material, and website copy. I work in Word using Track Changes to make edits directly in the text and use comment bubbles to query global changes or anything confusing. I can follow your preferred style guide or The Chicago Manual of Style, and I provide a custom style sheet for each book.


Two read-throughs of your typeset pages. Proofreading either the first or second pass of your book involves flagging any lingering editorial errors, typographical errors, alignment errors, tight or loose lines, and inconsistent design elements. It can also include a comparison against the foul matter (either the setting copy or the previous typeset pass). I can proofread either the hard copy or the soft copy of the typeset pages and am familiar with both standard proofreaders’ marks and the markup tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I proofread both nonfiction and fiction.

E-book Quality Control

A quality control check of your EPUB file to ensure that your e-book is error-free and matches your print edition. Much like a proofread, this can range from a word-for-word comparison to a spot-check, depending on how extensive you’d like the review to be. I use Kindle Previewer 3 on a PC to check how the e-book will look in tablet, Kindle, and mobile formats; that all links and cross-references work and make sense; and that the menu functions properly. If your book includes images, I can write the alt text.

Revision Rescue

A revision of your draft that implements basic changes you don’t have the time or patience to make yourself. Maybe you’ve decided that your novel should be told in the past tense, instead of the present. Or you need a rewrite that tells the story from the third-person POV instead of the first. Consider this service your “I wish I could just press a button” response. While undertaking revision challenges can lead to important discoveries for the writer, let’s see where I can step in to lighten the load before you reach burnout. We can work together to imagine a solution for your specific revision issue.